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Generosity and Growth

We believe members are called to be faithful and generous stewards of all of our resources, supporting the church with our time, talents and treasures. We believe members should seek to grow in God’s grace yearning to live an abundant, curious, joy-filled life.

Relationships and Response

We believe members should love their neighbor as themself, putting the welfare of others over and above our own. We believe in responding swiftly and earnestly to those in need, across the sanctuary, across the street or across the sea.

Acceptance and Availability

We believe we are called to build a vibrant and welcoming community of grace and love. We believe in making ourselves available to listen to your thoughts, concerns and needs.

Compassion and Community

We believe we are an open and welcoming community, sharing in life’s journey. We believe we are the heart, minds, hands and feet of Christ for one another; our community and world. It is our job to lift one another up and to spread kindness where ever we go.

Empowerment & Excellence

We believe in all that we say and do, excellence honors God and faithfulness to our calling is the only measure that matters. We seek to bring out, discover, that which is good and right and true in each and every person.