Our goal at Rolling Hills is to make this a place where all youth are encouraged to be themselves, to love others, to ask questions, and to be appreciated for who they are and where they are in faith and in life. We strive to teach our youth to be A Community of Grace, making Rolling Hills a welcoming place for them and their friends.

Youth Church School at Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church

Sunday Mornings, 10:15am
Grades 6,7, 9-12: Room D for Lesson Series (Bible Study, Discussion, and Fellowship)

Youth Church School Provides

Opportunities to Engage the Whole Family:

All student grade levels 6-12 (except 8th grade confirmation) exploring same topic each week at Church School
Parents invited to volunteer as breakout-session leaders
Home discussion questions/resources emailed weekly
Tailored Curriculum - Practical life application lessons, including:

Bible Skills and History
Engaging, student-driven conversations
All students will explore the same topics for 4-6 weeks
Specific Lesson Format:

Whole group meets at 10:15 am in Room D (all grades 6-12, except 8th grade Confirmation)
Breakout sessions, by grade with age-appropriate discussion questions led by adult volunteers