Our goal at Rolling Hills is to make this a place where all youth are encouraged to be themselves, to love others, to ask questions, to explore their relationship with God, and to be appreciated just as they are.

During the Pandemic, we are still connecting with each other--it just looks a little different!  

We gather weekly on Zoom.  If you would like to join us, please email Emily, and she will get you connected. 

Sunday Morning Zoom meetings: 

10:15am Confirmation (8th grade) 

11:15am 6th/7th Grade 

12:15pm Sr High 

During these meetings, we disucss topics similar to what was talked about in worship (streamed at 9am on FB Live or YouTube Live) and every young person has a chance to check in about how they are feeling and what is going on in their family.  It's a great time to connect with our church pals, and just a nice chance to see other people that don't live in your house!  

We have other chances to conntect as well:  

Monday 7pm  |   9th/10th grade  | Check-in 

Tuesday 7pm |     MS (6th-8th)   | Game night 

Tuesday 8pm | Parents of Youth | Happy Hour

Wed 2pm       |      Highschool     | Bible Study 

Wed 7pm       |      11th grade       | Special Project 

Thurs 7pm     |  10th/11th grade  | Check-in