The Deacons are an elected group of individuals who provide care and concern for those in the congregation. The group regularly hosts fellowship events such as the Fall Festival but in addition, provide emergency meals, curbside assistance on Sunday mornings and deliver Easter lilies and Christmas poinsettias to those who are homebound and those who have incurred a loss.


  • Maintaining contact with members who cannot always attend church
  • Urging the congregation to participate in ministry of compassion and caring
  • Supporting individual and families in the times of sorrow and trouble
  • Providing emergency food for illness and emergencies
  • Sponsorship of the Community Bloodmobile annual visit
  • Providing Service Trip sack lunches
  • Taking Christmas and Easter flowers to members facing difficulties


John Asquith
Liz Belanger
Iley Burkett
Rick Carter
Kirsten Chesher
Pat Crovisier
Jim Fletcher
Kay Fletcher
Linda Friedel
Gloria Grogger
Paul Hemenway
Barry Hilton
Stephanie Kauffman
Erik Klein
Kathi Knop
Dave Lindley
Carol Malarky
David Marshall
Laura Miller
Debbie Nelson
Jim Peeke
Pat Proske
Bev Quinn
Linda Reger
Lisa Romain
Allison Schmitz
Jeannine Shaffer
Diane Smith
Christy Watson
Julie Young
Sharon Young