Grandview Park Presbyterian Church- Summer Kid’s Club

About: The Grandview Park Presbyterian Church is a Kansas City, Kansas church that serves many in a Spanish speaking community.  The Kid’s Club is a summer day camp that provides activities and meals to the neighborhood children, 5 to 18 years of age, while most of their parents are working.

Ministry Needed: Donations for supplies.

The Hope Center

About: This eastside community is making the  neighborhood a better place.  The Hope Center came about to honor God by developing a healthy community where vulnerable flourish by making the community stronger. Rolling Hills sponsors The Hope Leadership Academy as neighborhood based charter school.

Ministry Needs: The Giving Tree includes gift cards, paper products, office supplies and small youth gifts. Volunteers are needed for Bible Study Leaders, Food Ministry, Service Days and Office workers.

Contact Emily Jennings

If you have questions about the Outreach Programs, please contact Emily Jennings or call the church office (913) 642-9100.

  Email Emily Jennings